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Testing - Dogs, Cats, Horses & Ponies, Small mammals & Livestock


Testing Intolerances & Sensitivities to; 
✅Proteins - Raw, Cooked and Dehydrated

✅Cleaning products - Chemicals
✅and much much more.......


The test includes a full report along with results and most importantly direction if required in implementing any dietry and/or enviromental changes that have been identified.


The test is non evasive and is designed to identify factors, which may be contributing to stresses on the body. We use hair for testing and a number of different systems.  

Bioresonance hair testing uses the principles of quantum physics to identify factors which are unique to your body, which may be stressing your immune system and inhibiting healing.

Instructions (these will be emailed to you along with Return Address label once purchase is complete)


The procedure is quick and easy.

Just pluck or gently pull hairs from your dog from several places, a small clump is required for testing (see video above on product page). If you struggle to get enough hairs, then I suggest first brushing your dog/cat (using a clean brush so no other animal hairs are in the mix) and then use the hair you gather this way, along with whatever you can get by plucking. Bear in mind it is essential that some of the hairs have the root attached, this looks like a small bulb at the end of the hair. Use cotton buds to swab the ears. Also, if there are any scabby areas from scratching etc. wipe a plain white cotton wool pad over the area to collect a sample.

Please fill in the paperwork with your name and address, the animal’s name, age (or DOB), breed, sex and your email address. Please feel free to include any pieces of kibble or treats you would like testing additionally. Please wrap these separately in plastic bags with the name of animal and of each item clearly marked. This is free for up to 4 separate items.


PLEASE DO NOT SEND WET OR RAW FOOD. (please note sample parcels containing either raw or wet food will be destroyed on receipt)



Please note you should be sending 4 small bags of the following items;

Hair plucked, Hair from brushing, Swabs or cotton buds and sample of dry food.

A full report along with results will be sent via email and will take approximately a minimum of 28 working days from start of processing. Depending on the hair sample this time frame may be extended.


Samples must be returned within 60 days of purchase.

No refund will be issued 60 days after purchase.


Please send the samples and completed paperwork via Recorded Delivery to: Rhiannon Manning, BB Herbal, Unit C Gaywood Farm, Hole Lane, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6SL. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct postage method is used, paid for and to check the sample has been received. You will not receive email notification from us for receipt of samples.

Due to COVID-19, all post is quarantined for a period of 48 Hours before opening, which will also delay the start of processing by 2 days.

Please note that whilst many people use this testing service for their pets, the Hair Test is not intended, nor should it be regarded, as veterinary medical advice or an allergy test. Before administering any course of therapy to your pet, you should consult your vet. It is your vet's function to diagnose your pet's medical problem and prescribe the appropriate medicine, dosage, and course of therapy. 

Intolerance & Sensitivity Test - Physical Kit

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