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As a manufacturer and wholesaler to trade, BB Herbal is able to create or expand your line of natural dog products.

We offer a broad range of quality products from dog grooming solutions to dog supplements and specialty dog items.


All BB Herbal products are free from, Parabens, SLS/Sulphates, Phosphates, Petrochemicals, Artificial Colours, Artificial/Synthetic Fragrances, Palm Oil, organic and are not tested on animals.


BB Herbal offers pet-friendly alternatives to other pet products in the marketplace that use harsh chemicals and fillers or additives.

Our dog grooming products are made with high quality naturally derived ingredients to promote health and wellness.

Our dog supplements are formulated from natural ingredients to promote pet health and are available in a powder or a course mix format.


BB Herbal can create and manufacture the following white label products or to your own brand/recipe.

• Naturally Derived  Dog Shampoo

• Naturally Derived Soap Bars

• Naturally Derived Ear Cleaner

• Calming capsules or drops

• Digestive powders

• Hip & Joint capsules

• Skin & Coat powders

• Urinary Tract & Bladder Drops


For further information or to discuss your requirements please email

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