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Testimonials & Feedback

Hi I just wanted to give a little up date on how peppers doing.
I have to say I'm shocked that in a week she's like a different dog.we've been on the turkey diet ,using the powders and drops.she's been bathed twice in the shampoo.we've also changed the floor cleaner and laundry wash to bio d.amongst other changes.its been a big change and learning a curve but she's finally got no open sores on her face and I'm confident the fur will grow back soon.she doesn't chew at her feet half as much as she did a week ago.there still sore looking in places but feel confident that given time they'll settle down.
I can't thank you enough.I wasn't expecting to see results in such a short space of time but it makes me feel confident she can be that happy little puppy we brought home and that her sister will get her happy play mate back.
So glad we went down the herbal route 😃

ES London - The fish training treats are a huge success! They love them. We have been trying to teach Nancy to give a paw for almost 6 months - funny how she can do it since these treats arrived!!

Macy & Major would like to say a big thank you to Rhiannon , we've been using your products for months and they've helped Major's poorly chest and both their tails ❤️ Thank you also for our sample soap 🐾

Yogi Boo,  Would just like to write a little post about how amazing Rhiannon has been over the past couple of weeks with advice help and support. Not to mention her anxiety drops that have worked an absolute treat!! She has gone above and way out of her way to help and advise me! Even gettting a behaviourist to take a look at a video of my little chap. Basically before the drops my Yogi Boo was a complete wreck when trying to get him out on a walk and during a walk! Would shake like a leaf in the corner! I have had some advice and anxiety drops off Rhiannon herself and I apply them about 20/30 mins before a walk and he is a new dog!!

I can't thankyou enough. Xxxx HIGHLY RECOMMEND 😬😬😬

Mellissa, It's safe to say your calming melts work Rhiannon Manning

Fireworks? What fireworks 💥

Cherry was scared so we tried the melts and they are sleeping soundly

R Barnes, Got this herbal paw wax from BB Herbal stand at London dog convention a couple weeks ago, and it's REALLY HELPED stop my dogs paws cracking and drying out. Didn't cost a fortune either.

Highly recommend


Thank-you SO MUCH guys 😁

Jenny C, At long last we are finally seeing a difference with Rhiannon’s tear stain cleaner on Winston.

Jayne Brack - Deafie here reporting on the magic that is green soap 😊 I have been using this now since the summer , I have seasonal alopecia, the hooman can't find all photos that I asked her to keep .... But from July to now the change is amazing , I have hair now am not baldy now 😊 thanks from the bottom on my ❤️ paws n licks to you 😘😘🐶🐶
I can even roll again wiv me t-shirt on obs 😂 ️xx

Lindsey, Couldn't recommend Rhiannon and her products enough. I've messaged her on numerous occasions with problems with buddy my French Bulldogs skin, she will get back with detailed advice and hints and tips. My favourite products are without a doubt the tear stain remover it is a miracle worker buddy's face looks so clean and sparkly lol! The green soap is a close second for his paws, we gave him his bath on Monday night and he hasn't chewed at his paws since. So thank you Rhiannon :) xxx

Jane Lafferty, Just an update I have battled endlessly with my Tia tear stain ajx wipe malasab wipes spa blue berry Angel eye and nothing some days I thought I was wining even tried canestan hibiscrub silver gel and diet and know we have nearly a week in we are using the tear stain and fold we are getting there notice a big difference the dark pads are the nose roll but it all was like this a week ago so first time in nearly 5 years we are turning a corner

Justina, Big thank you to Rhiannon Manning always very helpful and not only with pets but human kid skin problems too. Got Aggies immune boost mix today thank you, and the green soap is helping with her itchy skin.

Kerry, bought the green soap and fold wipes for my bullies, we were away camping when they arrived. While away poor Bella my Old Tyme English bulldog cross (big girl 36kg) got sores and scabs on her legs joints from the sea, sand and having to walk back up the hill, which made the skin rub together. We got back on Sunday and have been using the green soap her and apart from one trouble spot that was worse than the rest, it has nearly all cleared up. I am also impressed with the wipes, they have been fantastic for the pups noses folds which sometimes get sore.

Lisa, Wow thank you Rhiannon. ..I was at my wits end with Hopes tummy and chest ..but after using the green soap for 5 days as a rinse then as a damp balm (rubbing in wet hands and massage into her tummy then blotting dry) she's showing huge improvement ..she had almost ripped off her top nipple scratching so used the soap direct wet there ...and look at the difference !!!!!! ...and lots less itching ..Thank you so so much hun still a bit to go but it's a life saver and smells lovely 😊 xxx

Nina, Hi Rhiannon, I just wanted to give some feedback on the green soap. My partner who has suffered with eczema for over 30 years, he has been pumped with steroid creams from drs and every known ointments/ lotions and potions and nothing helped. Until we found the 'green soap'. He has been using it for over a week now and the redness in his face has gone already which is a miracle in itself. It used to get him down at times as he has lived with it since childhood. Thank you so much we can not thank you enough.

Just to say I can highly recommend Rhiannon's green soap!! Here is a before and after pic of our bulldog Bella's alopecia. It is making such a difference! 👍🏼

Cannot recommend BB Herbal Pet Treatments enough!!!! Busby had a bad ear infection a few weeks ago. Antibiotics cleared this up but he had a small wound at the back of his ear from constant scratching which antibiotics didn't clear. This past week it got a lot worse so we started using this. Just 24 hours later and the difference is unbelievable. Thank you again Rhiannon, you and your products are amazing x

Just thought I would rate Rhiannon's detox mix she made up for my girl , she has had a yeast problem for a long time now and I have supplemented and raw fed her for 3 yrs making no real progress , well after just 2 weeks on this mix and the paw chewing has ended , I have not seen her touch her paws in 3 days , even after walking on damp grass which has always been a problem, thanks Rhiannon can always rely on you xx

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